Learning Management System

integration with Consistency.

It can be difficult to monitor operations from time to time keeping in mind that learners require different learning methods and educators find it difficult to adapt to new systems. Introducing Skooler offers a central hub for consistent communication and between students and personnel. A great deal of transparency is established for the interest of administration as well as rich and structured metadata.

Microsoft 365 and Skooler

Skooler is cooler

Skooler is the only application that provides intelligently  combined technological systems and processes which benefits all stakeholders of an institution. The integration of Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Word and OneDrive makes Skooler powerful and time-saving.

Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing with Microsoft Team ensures learning continuity and full support to educators and students who aren’t in the same room. Increased engagement with educators and peers helps learners become more confident and ultimately improves learning experience.¬†

Learning Methods

This grade R-12 learning tool solution entered the EdTech landscape to redefine perplexing concepts and make user experience ideal for learners and administrators. Hybrid, remote and blended learning, home-school communication and individualized learning plans are sure to meet every learner’s needs.

Mobile Platforms

For learners’ and educators’ convenience, Skooler has created a flexible user interface that allows them to access the application on any mobile platform. Parents also have access to monitor their child’s progress.

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