LMS Tertiary

Why is LMS important for Tertiary Institutions?

CloudCo takes your input to define and build out a common model that creates a learning management system that truly drives value. We align out solutions in such a way that they resonate with your goals.


Introducing Moodle, the ideal virtual auditorium for all students, lecturers and parents. Moodle creates a custom learning environment for the entire organization and becomes more convenient for students and educators who already have the basic knowledge of how to use Microsoft Teams. The integration of the two applications have created a powerful learning platform where active online exams, grading and teaching takes place.  


mConnect is the communication hub for campuses who make use of Moodle and Microsoft Teams. It allows you to link your existing teams to Moodle courses and has the convenience of adding or removing users such as group members in a case of unforeseen circumstances. A single sign in is required and lecturers have access to advanced controls for flexibility.

Where can they find it?

CloudCo is your connection to this globally recognized application that acts as a open-source learning management tool for Moodle. A Moodle user with Site Administration permissions and a Microsoft 365 user with Global Administration permissions


Best part is that it can be integrated into existing systems for hybrid and remote learning purposes.