IT Auditing

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Auditing is generally a tedious process many try to avoid at all costs.  IT auditing entails a broad evaluation and implementation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure. It is a prominent component for all businesses to prevent risks internally and assuring external compliance.

how it operates

Full reports pertaining insightful data with regards to use of hardware, software, and solutions provide a visual representation which permits authorities to track relevant information. The compilation of policies and procedures are kept on record for guidance and risk detection.

Information and Technology Audit Plan

Understand enterprise context and strategy

Determine the components of the IT audit universe. Collection and evaluation of information

Assess potential risks and threats which are harmful to business operations.

Conclude and validate the IT audit plan ensuring that controls produce accurate data in the IT systems.

Types of audits we provide

  • Technological position
  • Systems and applications
  • Information Processing
  • Systems Development
  • Management of IT and enterprise Architecture
  • Client/Server, Intranets and Extranets

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