Infrastructure Management

Overall effectiveness across platforms.

We make it better for you

CloudCo’s infrastructure management team’s core focus is on optimizing day to day operations to improve the performance of digital assets that all stakeholders make use of. Assessing your existing infrastructure and making it better for your convenience.

Finer components such as networking, security and user experience have a big impact on learning and training continuity. Operations, applications, data and technology are the four domains incorporated to cover all technical functions in both physical and virtual environments.

Reducing risks, improving engagement and excellent student outcomes is beneficial for your organization. 

Our three tier escalation system

First line support to assist with common difficulties 

Remote support is provided for complex solutions. Our technicians are able to work remotely on your computer by using IT tools to connect. 

OnSite support is when our technicians physically assist you on premises. 

We produce executive summary reports on a monthly basis. Aging analysis,  topographical assessments and diagrams are produced on a quarterly basis. CloudCo provides you with an overlay of the entire infrastructure from connectivity to the end user’s device.

We manage everything remotely

  • Constant communication and continuity for our clients
  • Preventative maintenance to a large degree.
  • Service Level Agreements to assure quality


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