Simplification of Education Management Information Systems

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CloudCo streamlines the different operations of your organization from learning material how the student is managed on and off campus. We have the tools to necessities smooth running of the finances department. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The importance of information management can not be emphasized enough. Having a feasible system in place allows institutions to sort data accordingly. We have introduced Microsoft 365 Dynamics to our clients and managing the academic, operations and finance hadn’t been easier.  Multidisciplinary systems are sometimes complexed and tend to confuse educators and administrators. It has a direct impact on the development of the school and dire consequences may arise. For this reason, CloudCo provides you with various application options suitable for your organization. 

Dynamics 365 Finance

With the EdTech landscape being multifaceted and appearing complex, Dynamics 365 Finance is a tool that gives you the platform to organize financial information and automatically transfers it to the designated locations. Data collection assists integrated AI tools with the ability to perform set repetitive tasks which simplifies administration and management. Categorizing the different resources and flows accordingly, makes it easier to navigate, discover and connect. Guidelines and pathways enhance outcomes and expedites proficiency throughout.

Learning Management Systems

Imagine having a central portal where collection, processing and maintenance of a pool of data and information are categorized in an orderly manner. Supporting remote, hybrid and blended learning for teachers and all personnel involved in the education system. Skooler and Moodle are LMS software apps that are integrated into Microsoft Teams.  

Student Information Systems

For impactful SIS, we’ve built solutions with Microsoft technology such as the Common Data Model. This model compiles data from applications used inside and outside of Dynamics 365.