Without it, your business will not exist.

Uninterrupted virtual communication beyond physical barriers

Connectivity is the most important service in the 21st century, stable 5G/LTE, fibre as well as licensed wireless networking solutions are a prerequisite for your organization.
Use it as a tool to increase your productivity by strengthening infrastructure where ever you are.



Minimal turnaround time and accessible internet solution for small scale deployment

wireless Internet

Consistent communication bringing about short turnaround time for medium to large deployment


Dedicated internet connection traveling at lightening speed. Ideal for small to medium enterprises.

Why CloudCo?

Real time access

Gain real time access in the cloud, from home or anywhere in the world.

Mobile team Collaboration

The transfer of large data files and high definition media is effortless.


CloudCo facilitates both broadband internet access and dedicated internet access. From best effort services all the way through to guaranteed uptimes and service level agreements

Why choose CloudCo to connect you?

Our world renowned service providers, have helped us to broaden our footprint in order to accelerate development within Africa through MPLS and SD-WAN

CloudCo can get you connected where ever you are effortlessly.  .