Blended Learning

Hybrid teaching and learning.

the new normal

Blended learning is about the integration of mobile devices and standard teaching methods. Various methods have been established, however, students aren’t engaging effectively in the traditional classroom. CloudCo supplies the much needed equipment and resources to avoid miscommunication and linear thinking. Teachers are able to incorporate individualized and self-paced instructions for learners while retrieving data weekly on the effectiveness of the differentiated small group instruction.¬†

best of breed learning mechanisms

Microsoft Academic

Educators and learners have access to present-day digital content which improves their skills and practice as well as the depth and application of concepts whether they’re in the same room or not.

microsoft Teams

Allows for continued education within the classroom and beyond. Provides the flexibility to pick up new skills and improves practices.

Teams and Yealink video conferencing

The collaboration of Microsoft Teams and Skooler is easily adaptable and has made learning simple for teachers and learners to understand.


Individualized instruction is highly effective which allows students to participate more than what they usually do in a larger group setting


Loops gives educators and administrators the advantage to be more efficient using workflows. Microsoft 365, Teams and additional learning tools uncomplicate the experience 

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