Cyber security

for Your student's protection.

Breaches Happen

Cybersecurity is the most important tool for your organization because all your information  is on the system and unpredictable circumstances may occur. Many manipulate systems to their advantage and are able to access sensitive and personal information these systems pertain. In order to avoid events such as ransomware and hacking, CloudCo provides guaranteed security that is secure and constantly under surveillance

load balancing

Evenly distributing network traffic to multiple servers increases the the responsiveness and availability of applications. This grants every learner an opportunity to participate in classroom activities.

Access Control

Authorized users can selectively restrict staff members and learners from sensitive information stored on systems and only allow access to apps they will need

Application Monitoring

The overall performance of an application is regularly evaluated by identifying and measuring the cause for the malfunction. These errors are then retrieved and resolved to avoid all limitations.

CloudCo as a Fortinet SMB Hero can provide you

Deep Packet Inspection

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Prevention

URL Filtering

These are mechanisms that form part of the next generation firewall solution by Fortinet. 

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